Art From The Heart-Processing

A movement therapy program called Art from the Heart Processing run by A.Decker Creations alongisde uplifting and powerful community partners Rhythm and Blues Cambridge and Nicole Brown Faulknor, Registered Psychotherapist and Yoga Instructor at Wounds2Wings and TEO Canada.

 The program provides healing through art and movement therapies to build mental resilience. It explores the powerful benefits of combining art and movement therapies. The goal is to help participants continue feeling empowered in their spaces.

 The program aims to inspire and uplift community members by discussing developing confidence through keeping promises to oneself and cultivating courage by facing fears and knowing one's worth.

The program also focuses on creating safer spaces for communities to heal, move, play together, express themselves creatively, and spend time together freely.

Alana combines art and mental health as a means of self-care and healing. She has an ability to bring communities of all ages together through art and help them express feelings through art and movement. Helping participants to feel truly present in their feelings in a collaborative setting. 


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