Artist Bio

A. Decker grew up in various cities in Ontario including Toronto, Brampton, Oshawa, and Kitchener.  She is a survivor of domestic violence and sought refuge at The Haven house crisis center which provided invaluable support during a difficult time in her life.

After staying at the Haven House, she was able to purchase her first home. Art has always been an important part of her life and the stillness during the COVID pandemic reignited her artistic spirit.



Since then, her art has opened many opportunities for her.

Today, she serves as a volunteer on the board of the Preston Community Center. She has also hosted paint nights for various communities and co-founded Art from the Heart Processing.

Let me share a little more about the artist...

Alana Decker, who also goes by A. Decker, is a visual artist passionate about integrating art with mental health advocacy. As an artist, she aims to use her creative talents to raise awareness of important issues and encourage discussions around well-being. Through her work, she explores how art can both reflect one's inner experiences and bring more light to topics that require understanding. By blending art with messages of empowerment and compassion, A. Decker strives to help diminish stigma and bring greater comfort to those navigating challenges. Her efforts demonstrate how the arts can enrich society in meaningful ways by spreading messages of hope.

She has held two solo art exhibitions, Remembering All That I Am and When Passion Takes The Lead-exploring personal identity and passion. She has also participated in two collaborative art exhibitions: Black and Free at the Ken Seiling Museum and The Beasting Art Project.

Her work has been showcased at Raw Artists Toronto in April 2022 and Raw Artists Montreal in May 2022.


She has also worked with schools to host after-school paint nights and many other communities.